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Injured At The Gym

Does your daily or weekly routine involve going to the gym or to an exercise studio?  According to a recent national survey, 1 in 5 Americans belongs to at least one type of health club.  From yoga to cycling to high-intensity style workouts, there is a fitness franchise on nearly every corner. As any experienced […]

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Hot Coffee

All too often I end up having a conversation with someone that claims personal injury claimants and their attorneys are what’s wrong with our country.  I typically listen while they vent, and without fail we end up talking about the infamous “McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case.” Most everyone has heard about that case, but not many […]

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Florida Hotel Accidents and Injuries

Staying at a hotel or resort can be a luxurious time of relaxation, but what happens when your vacation is ruined or interrupted due to an unexpected injury? As a guest at a hotel or resort in Florida, you have a reasonable expectation that your safety and health will not be at risk. Hotel owners […]

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An Introduction to Wrongful Death in Florida

Legal dictionaries usually define wrongful death as “the death of a human being as the result of a wrongful act of another person,” and this definition is widely accepted in Florida courts. If that sounds a bit like “legalese,” looking at some examples of the different types of wrongful death cases can clear up exactly what the […]

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Civil Liability of Impaired Drivers

The holiday season is coming to a close, but parties are still in full swing. That also means there are more impaired drivers on the road. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense in Florida, and anyone charged with DUI faces tough penalties. Those penalties are more serious when the impaired driver causes an accident. In […]

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New Florida Case on Waiver of Liability Forms

If you read our recent blog on liability waivers for children, then you know liability waivers may not always be enforceable.  In a recent case, Peterson v. Flare Fittings, Inc., the Fifth District Court of Appeal reminds us that waiver of liability forms are disfavored in the law and will be strictly construed against the […]

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Do You Have a Personal Injury Case in the State of Florida?

Do you think you may have a personal injury claim? Some people misunderstand what constitutes a personal injury case, how that case can be pursued, and how emotional damages play a part in any awarded damages. Because of this, people may not pursue a claim for personal injury or damages. Here are some of the […]

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Are Liability Waivers for Children Enforceable in Florida?

If you have children, then you know that nearly every activity – from soccer games to birthday parties – comes with a liability waiver. Not only are these forms full of legal jargon, but often parents are expected to read and sign them in a hurry. The reality for most parents is that they don’t have the time […]

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What to Do When You Suspect Medical Malpractice

Though we hold them in high regard, sometimes doctors make mistakes. After all, they are human. Those mistakes can be costly – and even deadly. Medical malpractice is defined as the negligence on behalf of a medical staff that results in necessary further intervention to repair the initial mistreatment. Proving a medical malpractice case requires four […]

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Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Opens Door to Recovery in Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Cases

On June 26, 2015, in Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a fundamental, constitutional right.  While the implications on the right to marry for same-sex couples are obvious, the potential impact of this ruling in personal injury and wrongful death cases is significant.  The new ruling means that same-sex married […]

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