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Baggett Law Attorneys Named 2019 Florida Super Lawyers

Baggett Law is proud to announce that Amanda and Matt Baggett have once again been named to the Florida Super Lawyers list as top attorneys.  This is the eleventh consecutive year the pair have been recognized by the publication for exhibiting excellence in their profession. Super Lawyers, a list issued by Thomson Reuters, includes less than […]

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Umbrella Insurance Policies – What are they?

An umbrella insurance policy is a type of personal insurance coverage that can add extra liability coverage over and above the limits of another existing policy, such as auto or homeowners insurance. Umbrella insurance can help protect you from a large and potentially devastating liability judgment.  Personal umbrella coverage is triggered when your underlying liability […]

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More Than Meets the Eye: Roadway Design and Construction

While driver negligence is the cause of most car accidents, sometimes the design or construction of a roadway is to blame.  At first glance, driver-error may appear to be the cause of the accident, but the underlying true cause or major contributing factor is much more complicated.  Lack of signage, missing or improper guardrails, and […]

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Mediation: What is it?

In Florida, all civil cases are required to go to mediation prior to trial.  But what exactly is mediation? Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (sometimes called “ADR”) that is essentially a formal settlement negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party known as a mediator.  Mediation is neither a trial nor an arbitration.  […]

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The Blame Game: Fault and Legal Liability in Florida

Apportioning fault is one of the most crucial yet challenging factors in the aftermath of a car accident.  Oftentimes, one driver is clearly to blame for a careless maneuver – running a red light, for instance.  Other times, however, fault isn’t so clear and may even be contrary to what the parties’ initial determinations are. […]

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Falling Trees – Who Pays?

  Trees – they add beauty to landscaping, shelter to wildlife, oxygen to air, and shade from the harsh heat of Florida’s summers.  Yet, how often do you think about the trees in your yard?  As attorneys, we get the “falling tree question” a lot, especially around hurricane season: “Am I liable if my tree […]

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Injured At The Gym

Does your daily or weekly routine involve going to the gym or to an exercise studio?  According to a recent national survey, 1 in 5 Americans belongs to at least one type of health club.  From yoga to cycling to high-intensity style workouts, there is a fitness franchise on nearly every corner. As any experienced […]

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Florida Car Owners: Major Liability Regardless of Fault

Like most people, you have probably loaned your car to a neighbor or friend on occasion without giving it much thought.  Or perhaps you have a minor child that just turned 16 that you allow to drive the family car.  Or maybe you plan to buy your minor child a car?  Did you know that […]

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Baggett Law Partners Named 2018 Super Lawyers®

Baggett Law is pleased to announce that Amanda and Matt Baggett have been named to the Florida Super Lawyers list as top attorneys in the state for 2018.  This is the tenth consecutive year the pair have been recognized by the publication for exhibiting excellence in their profession. Super Lawyers, a list issued by Thomson Reuters, is a rating […]

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Baggett Law Partners Recognized as “Super Lawyers” for Ninth Consecutive Year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., January 5, 2017 – Baggett Law congratulates Matt and Amanda Baggett on their selection to the 2017 Florida Super Lawyers list. Matt was recognized for his work in personal injury law, and Amanda was recognized for her work in construction litigation. This is the ninth consecutive year the pair have been recognized for exhibiting excellence in their […]

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