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Three Kinds of Defective Products Lawsuits in Florida

When we make purchases, we expect that what we’re buying is safe for ourselves and our loved ones. But what happens when it’s not? Unfortunately, accidents happen, and sometimes defective products can cause injuries in Florida. There is an area of the law that can protect you – you’ll just need to find a Florida defective products attorney.

What kinds of product defect lawsuits are the most common in Florida? There are three common kinds of defective products lawsuits in Florida: ones that involve defectively manufactured products, ones with defectively designed products, and products that do not contain adequate instructions or warnings.

Defectively Designed Products

When a product is created, its design may turn out to be defective or dangerous when the product gets in the hands of consumers. When this is the case, the manufacturing process and the instructions, warnings, and labels may be up to standards; the problem, however, lies with the design of the product. Every product that was produced and sold is therefore defective.

Because all products that were produced and sold are defective and potentially dangerous, any person who owns the product could have grounds to file a lawsuit if the defect causes an injury.

A defectively designed product might be a recalled car with a faulty ignition switch or a kind of sunscreen that causes skin damage.

Defectively Manufactured Products

A product that has been defectively manufactured is one that turns out to be defective or dangerous because it was not made or put together according to its design, which is not defective. There may have been an issue with the factory, the equipment, or the materials used to build the product. A defectively manufactured product may be one in a million, so not every product manufactured in the same factory, on the same equipment or with the same materials may be defective.

A defectively manufactured product might be a child’s toy with a loose piece or a kind of food that contains poison.

Products without Adequate Instructions or Warnings

Some products require specific instructions or warnings in order to use them safely or to prevent them from causing injury. The way the products are intended to be used may not always be obvious, so these instructions or warnings are intended to protect the safety of the consumer. Defective products lawsuits based on this claim are called ‘failure to warn’ cases.

Sometimes, products that fall into this category may be inherently dangerous, like a chainsaw or a kitchen knife, but with proper instructions and warnings, can be used safely and serve a valuable purpose.

Products without adequate instructions or warnings may include medications that do not contain dosage instructions or warnings about interactions with other drugs or foods, or cleaning supplies with chemicals that could be harmful and do not include instructions for safe use.

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Unfortunately, sometimes defective products do make their way into the hands of consumers in Florida. If you or a loved one has discovered a defect in a product, or if you’ve been injured due to a defective product, speak with an attorney in Florida today. The lawyers at Baggett Law are here to help!

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