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Have You Suffered Because of a Defective Product?

Product defects can cause serious injuries that change your life forever. You have rights if a product caused your injuries due to a defect. You can file a lawsuit with the help of a product liability attorney. You should talk to a lawyer about your injuries for several reasons.

Recover Fair Compensation for Your Damages

You will want to file a claim after being injured by a defective product in order to recover fair compensation for your damages. Everything you had to spend to recover from your injury is potentially a damage that the responsible parties are legally liable to pay. This also includes other things such as lost wages and the cost of medical devices. An attorney can help you to recover fair financial compensation for all your injuries and expenses.

Get Compensation for Future Losses and Expenses

The injuries you sustained from a defective item could have long-lasting effects on your health and livelihood. You might be unable to work for years or longer. You might require years of intensive therapy. You should consider talking to a lawyer because you could get compensation for your future losses and expenses. The liable parties might have to compensate you for lost earning potential due to the injury. You can get this type of compensation only by litigating.

Prevent Others from Suffering Injuries

If you were injured by a product defect, then there is a good chance other people will encounter the same dangerous problem when using the item. Filing a lawsuit after an injury can help to get the product out of the market. This will prevent other people from suffering the same injuries. A lawsuit is sometimes necessary to convince manufacturers that the product should be discontinued or changed immediately.

Pursue Everyone Who Is Liable

Determining liability after a product defect has caused injuries is not always straightforward. The manufacturer might not be the only party that can be held legally liable. There are times when other parties like the retailer, the distributor or a subcontractor could be liable as well. You want to consult with a lawyer because an attorney can determine everyone who might be liable and pursue claims against all responsible parties.

Avoid Losing Your Right to File a Claim

It is important to remember that you have a limited amount of time to file a product liability claim after an injury. You generally have around four years in Florida to start a lawsuit against the liable parties. If you do not take action within this time period, then you lose all your rights to sue the manufacturer for your damages. You want to meet with an attorney quickly to ensure you file a claim in time.

Protect Your Rights

A final reason to consider legal action for injuries from a product defect is to protect your rights. You might be approached by aggressive attorneys or insurance company officials representing the manufacturer. These individuals could try to pressure you into signing papers or making agreements that strip you of your rights to file a lawsuit. A lawyer can represent you and protect your rights in these cases.

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