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Pool or Patio Injuries: How to Avoid an Injury at a Pool

Whether you are a Floridian or just visiting, the state of Florida has many beautiful beaches and pools to visit in order to stay cool and have fun in the hot sun. However, the combination of water, sun, and carelessness has often resulted in injury. There is no worse way to finish a day at the pool than with someone slipping and falling. Pool and patio injuries are common, but here are some tips to assure that they do no occur and ruin your day.

Three Common Accidents

The first step to avoiding injuries at a pool is to understand the dangers surrounding the setting and circumstances.

Slipping and/or Falling

Even if signs are posted, they are often ignored. Pools and patios are easy to slip and fall around because of the combination of water, tile, and sometimes even grass. When people are playing games, they begin to run around without realizing that their chances of slipping are significantly increased.


Drowning accidents occur when no one is watching kids or those who cannot swim well as they play in and around the pool. Laying in the sun can be relaxing, but once someone begins to drown, others may not see or hear it because they are taking a nap or listening to music.


Properly cleaning a pool is important to help prevent slippage and growing bacteria, but adding the wrong amount of chemicals can cause a horrible reaction to the skin and even make people sick. It is best if professionals service the pool.

Safety Tips

  • Avoid an injury at a pool by following these prevention tips and guidelines.
  • If it is your own pool, treat the patio and surrounding areas with slip resistant materials or products.
  • Check to make sure the patio has places where excess water is allowed to drain.
  • If there are no slip-resistant mats by the entrance of the pool, keep a towel close-by so that you can dry off immediately after exiting the pool.
  • For those who need extra help, utilize the handrails.
  • Never leave children or bad swimmers unsupervised at a private or public pool.
  • When using a pool with a cover, completely remove it when the pool is in use. Fasten and secure the cover correctly when finished.
  • Avoid running and horseplay.
  • Keep toys dry and away from the pool when not using them.
  • Follow the rules and always keep a look out for your party and for swimmers you may not know.

Sometimes even taking the right precautions is not enough to prevent pool and patio injuries. Keep a landline or cell phone nearby when swimming so that someone can call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency. If you or someone you know becomes injured in a situation that you feel was not a safe environment, consult an attorney with Baggett Law in Jacksonville to help obtain compensation for the accident and to assure that the problem is fixed.

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