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More Than Meets the Eye: Roadway Design and Construction

While driver negligence is the cause of most car accidents, sometimes the design or construction of a roadway is to blame.  At first glance, driver-error may appear to be the cause of the accident, but the underlying true cause or major contributing factor is much more complicated.  Lack of signage, missing or improper guardrails, and confusing construction work zones are some of the more common issues that may not be obvious to those involved in the accident.  Even attorneys that have limited experience with these types of cases may miss key aspects of engineering and construction in a car accident case.

Amanda Baggett is Board Certified in Construction Law, and her particular focus and experience within the realm of construction law involves roadway design and construction cases.  For more than a decade Amanda has handled complex cases in this highly specialized area.  Prior to joining Baggett Law, Amanda defended large engineering firms in cases involving deaths and catastrophic injuries on Florida’s roadways.  Amanda now brings that specialized knowledge and experience to our cases that involve issues relating to negligent roadway design and construction.

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