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Injured on Someone Else’s Property? You Have Rights!

Injuries happen when people travel outside their homes all the time. Most people do not realize that you actually have rights if this happens. You might not have to just accept the costs of medical bills and other expense after the injury. You should know your legal rights if you are injured on someone else’s property.

The Responsibilities of Property Owners

Property owners in Florida have certain responsibilities that must be fulfilled at all times. They are required to maintain a reasonably safe property if they allow other people to enter the premises. This is broadly known as premises liability. The owner or person in possession of the property is required to take reasonable actions in order to create an environment where everyone will be safe from injuries and accidents. Unfortunately, many property owners fail to do this. Some are intentionally negligent. This can lead to serious injuries.

Liability for Your Injuries

You have the right to expect that you are not going to be injured when you enter a premises owned by someone else. This includes all types of properties from private homes to public storefronts and even government buildings. It also includes outdoor areas such as parking lots and stairs leading up to a commercial building. If something such as ice, poor security, loose wires or falling debris cause an injury, the property owner can be held liable. The injury could be a broken leg or something more serious like spinal damage. If the injury was not your fault, then you can file a premises liability claim.

You Can Pursue Fair Compensation

You have the right to pursue fair compensation if you are injured on someone else’s property. Fair compensation means financial payment from liable parties to cover any damages caused by the injury. Your damages could be limited to immediate medical bills. They could also include lost wages and future medical expenses. If the injuries are particularly bad or the owner was negligent, then you could get compensation for pain and suffering. Winning fair compensation can help you to recover emotionally and financially after a traumatic accident.

It Is Important To Act Quickly

You need to act quickly if you have been injured due to exposed electrical wiring, an assault in an insecure area or a slip and fall. A statute of limitations limits how long you have to file a premises liability claim. You must also consider that waiting to see a doctor and collect evidence can harm your case. You want to file your claim immediately after the injury. Do not negotiate with the property owner or insurance companies without talking to a lawyer first.

The Importance of Talking To an Attorney

If you were injured because of the negligence or inaction of a property owner in Florida, then you need to contact a lawyer right away. This is important because the attorney will immediately begin protecting your rights and acting as your advocate. An attorney will help you to gather evidence and build a case that proves liability. Lawyers will also assist with calculating your full damages. Hiring an attorney after you are injured on a property can greatly improve your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

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