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Do You Have a Personal Injury Case in the State of Florida?

Do you think you may have a personal injury claim? Some people misunderstand what constitutes a personal injury case, how that case can be pursued, and how emotional damages play a part in any awarded damages. Because of this, people may not pursue a claim for personal injury or damages. Here are some of the most common types of personal injury matters:

Automobile Accident
In an automobile accident, there can be injury to both property and persons. An injury to a person can be something as minor as cuts and scrapes, or a more major injury involving hospital stays, amputations, and even death from a catastrophic accident. Personal injury occurs when a real physical injury occurs.

Pedestrian Accident
Pedestrians include people who are walking, jogging, or otherwise engaged on foot. When an automobile strikes a pedestrian, regardless of whether in a crosswalk, a personal injury has occurred. Pedestrians generally have the right-of-way and should always be regarded with respect.

Medical Malpractice
Doctors are required by law to abide by standards of care that ensure their patients are safe in their hands. The American Medical Association releases guidelines for screenings, testing, and treatment for countless types of diseases and issues. It is important for doctors to keep up to date with the latest releases for such testing. A personal injury occurs when a doctor rushes through an appointment and fails to see something wrong with a patient, ignores the patient’s concerns, or fails to follow-up on testing, resulting in additional treatment or death.

Slip and Fall
Operating a business includes keeping the business clean and safe for patrons. A slip and fall injury case can arise when an individual falls due to conditions that are unsafe or lack signage denoting a slip potential.

Defective Product Claims
When a product is purchased, a certain expectation of how that product should work and the safety of that product is understood. If the product fails to properly work, it can result in a personal injury, such as the case with small parts that can choke children.

Construction Site Workplace Injuries
A construction site can be a hazardous place to work. There are many simultaneously moving operations, large pieces of equipment, and power tools. Oftentimes, construction sites have requirements for safety gear, including steel-toed boots, goggles, and hard hats; however, negligence on the job can still result in personal injury.

Personal injury can cause medical debt, time off from work, and damages on an emotional level. Seek counsel if you feel you have been injured to determine if you may have a personal injury case in the state of Florida.

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