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Florida Hotel Accidents and Injuries

Staying at a hotel or resort can be a luxurious time of relaxation, but what happens when your vacation is ruined or interrupted due to an unexpected injury? As a guest at a hotel or resort in Florida, you have a reasonable expectation that your safety and health will not be at risk. Hotel owners […]

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Is Your Slip and Fall Claim Valid?

Did you suffer a slip and fall accident? And did you sustain an injury in the process? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, the next thing you need to determine is whether or not someone else is to blame so that you can decide if you have a valid claim for […]

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Tips on Avoiding a Slip and Fall Injury

In basic terms, a slip and fall injury case occurs when someone suffers an injury from a slip or fall occurring on someone else’s property. Depending on the nature of the fall – for example, if the fall occurred due to the dangerous or negligent conditions of the property – the owner of the property […]

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