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Florida Hotel Accidents and Injuries

Staying at a hotel or resort can be a luxurious time of relaxation, but what happens when your vacation is ruined or interrupted due to an unexpected injury? As a guest at a hotel or resort in Florida, you have a reasonable expectation that your safety and health will not be at risk. Hotel owners […]

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Injured on Someone Else’s Property? You Have Rights!

Injuries happen when people travel outside their homes all the time. Most people do not realize that you actually have rights if this happens. You might not have to just accept the costs of medical bills and other expense after the injury. You should know your legal rights if you are injured on someone else’s […]

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Pool or Patio Injuries: How to Avoid an Injury at a Pool

Whether you are a Floridian or just visiting, the state of Florida has many beautiful beaches and pools to visit in order to stay cool and have fun in the hot sun. However, the combination of water, sun, and carelessness has often resulted in injury. There is no worse way to finish a day at […]

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