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After the Storm: Beware of Unlicensed Contractors!

Following the destruction of Hurricane Matthew, many Florida homeowners are in need of home repairs.  Before you hire someone to do those repairs, however, keep in mind that unlicensed contractors can leave you with an even bigger mess to deal with.  Here are some good tips from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation […]

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Why You Need a Lawyer for a Construction Site Accident Claim in Florida

There’s no way of getting around it – working in construction is dangerous. Wearing hard hats and watching where you’re stepping are clear and essential ways to reduce your risk of suffering an injury, but the truth is that you have no way of knowing for sure that you won’t get hurt in some way […]

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Construction Delay Claims Explained

On the face of it, construction delay claims sound rather straightforward; construction work is delayed and a claim is submitted to compensate the contractor and extend the deadline for project completion. However, other factors can make these claims a little more complex. As construction delay claims are common in Florida, a clear understanding of this […]

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Remodeling? Start with a Solid Foundation: Your Contract.

Most big and expensive decisions in life come with a stack of paperwork and a contract to sign. That includes home remodeling.  Oftentimes, however, homeowners don’t understand the scope of the project or the risks involved.  The budget is also something that many homeowners overlook, using ballpark numbers instead.  The scope of the work, the […]

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You Need a Construction Attorney in Florida

The mention of “construction” conjures images of workers with steel-toed boots in the blazing sun. However, before a single beam is lifted, the behind the scenes work begins. Laying the foundation before laying the foundation can ensure a healthy project from concept to opening day. Neglecting to hire experienced counsel can turn a considerable budget into an economical wreck from which […]

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