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Business Disputes

The realm of business disputes is a notoriously complex one, falling under the umbrella of commercial litigation. While contracts and similar legally binding documentation are generally utilized to carefully outline the duties and expectations in any business relationship, it is inevitable that disputes will sometimes arise. In these situations, it’s important to retain the services […]

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Florida Business Contracts and Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, business disputes are a part of the business world, and engaging in business with an individual or a business can lead to legal disputes. The best way to avoid disputes is to have strong Florida business contracts in place before business begins. Florida Business Contracts When two business entities decide to do business together, […]

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Tips for Resolving Business Disputes

Starting your own business can be the key to financial independence, but the road to business success is not always an easy one. Whether you are buying an existing business, starting a new enterprise or taking on a partner, it is important to have proper legal representation. Having an attorney draw up the business paperwork […]

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My Small Business Partner Breached Our Partnership Agreement

It is obviously bad news when a business partner breaches your partnership agreement. Luckily, there are several legal remedies when this unfortunate situation happens to you. If you have done business together with one or more other people, you have created a partnership agreement and this agreement is enforceable whether it is in writing or […]

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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Business Dispute in Florida?

Business disputes are painful, and they can take up valuable time with unexpected complications. If a contract is at issue in the dispute, or if your vendors, employees, and customers are also involved, the challenges you face in reaching a resolution can sometimes be overwhelming. This is where a lawyer for a business dispute in […]

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