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How Do I Rent a Car After an Accident?

You have had an accident and your car is in the repair shop. No one was hurt and the car can be fixed, but now what? You are without transportation for at least a week, and you still have to get to work and get the kids to school. The answer? This seems to be […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Needing an Car Accident Lawyer

How to Avoid Car Accidents While Driving Many of the cases that a car accident lawyer deals with involve accidents while driving – and many of these could have easily been avoided. We’re all fully aware of the road rules; no speeding, no using mobile phones, no drinking, and for the most part, we abide […]

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After the Car Accident: Next Steps

Nobody who drives a car in Florida expects to be in an accident. Everyone knows it’s possible. Car insurance can provide people with a sense of security. Accidents are not something anybody thinks about regularly until it happens. In a second, their life is turned upside down. The unexpected has suddenly become reality. A person’s […]

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