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Business Disputes

The realm of business disputes is a notoriously complex one, falling under the umbrella of commercial litigation. While contracts and similar legally binding documentation are generally utilized to carefully outline the duties and expectations in any business relationship, it is inevitable that disputes will sometimes arise. In these situations, it’s important to retain the services of a lawyer or legal team that understands the intricacies of the legal concepts involved.

Types of Disputes

By far, the most common types of business conflicts are contract disputes and employment/payment disputes.

Contract Disputes

The creation of contracts tends to be such a lengthy process because all parties involved understand the importance of the terms which are eventually agreed upon. The goal is to ensure that the duties of each party, as well as what they expect to receive, is clearly outlined. Even with such painstaking work performed in the creation of the contract, disputes as to whether these terms have been met are common. One party’s failure to perform under the contract is known as a ‘breach.’  Breaches are sometimes classified as ‘minor’ or ‘major,’ depending on the circumstances.  For instance, supposed one party performed its duties a day later than the contract required.  That breach might be considered minor.  However, it would be a major breach if the contract terms specifically indicated that ‘time is of the essence’ or if there was a tight deadline for performance.


Payment Disputes

Payment disputes most often arise when parties differ on what has been provided with respect to services or products and the agreed timeline of payment (partial or in full). While a contract may be involved, an employee/employer relationship may see such disputes fall under payment conflict, as there are specific laws relating to such situations. Florida law gives many protections to employees, but businesses can also receive fair treatment once represented by competent dispute lawyers. Employment claims, which most often refer to charges of unfair hiring and firing, can be extremely damaging to business. Again, a qualified attorney can prevent such claims from adversely affecting an organization.

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