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Hot Coffee

All too often I end up having a conversation with someone that claims personal injury claimants and their attorneys are what’s wrong with our country.  I typically listen while they vent, and without fail we end up talking about the infamous “McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case.” Most everyone has heard about that case, but not many […]

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Online Petitions – Do They Work? Florida Mother Fights For Change In Wrongful Death Law

By now, you’ve probably seen several online petitions going around asking for your support on a number of different issues.  Do they work?  Sometimes.  According to Change.org, the most successful petitions have the following things in common: The goal is compelling and achievable. The petition is delivered directly to the decision maker. Social media tools […]

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Amanda Baggett Appointed Vice Chair of The Florida Bar’s Construction Law Certification Committee

Amanda Baggett, a partner with Baggett Law, has been appointed as Vice Chair of The Florida Bar’s Construction Law Certification Committee effective July 1, 2016.  Ms. Baggett has served on the Committee since her original appointment in 2014. Ms. Baggett specializes in construction law matters and has represented a variety of clients, including owners, general […]

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