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Civil Liability of Impaired Drivers

The holiday season is coming to a close, but parties are still in full swing. That also means there are¬†more impaired drivers on the road. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense in Florida, and anyone charged with DUI faces tough¬†penalties. Those penalties are more serious when the impaired driver causes an accident. In […]

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Protect Yourself in a Crash – Your Post-Accident Checklist

Few things are as traumatic as being involved in an accident. Even if the crash was not your fault, becoming an accident victim is frightening and disorienting. Whether you are a brand new driver or one with decades behind the wheel, knowing what steps to take after an accident can make all the difference. No […]

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Protect Your Rights – Steps to Take After a Car Accident

If you drive a car, you are at risk of an accident. If you are involved in a crash, it is important to protect your rights and take the right steps immediately afterward. Bungling the post-accident response could interfere with your right to recover for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages. No matter […]

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Black Boxes Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

Semi trucks have black boxes, or event data recorders, that are in many ways similar to the flight data recorders most people are familiar with from news reports about plane crashes. In semi trucks, the function of black boxes varies widely. Some begin recording only when triggered by crash-like conditions such as sudden acceleration, hard […]

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How to React When You Are Involved in a Car Accident in Florida

The shock and trauma you suffer when you are involved in a car accident in Florida compounds any resulting physical injury and often leaves you feeling disoriented. The psychological effect of an automobile crash can very easily lead to a lack of clear thinking when faced with an angry driver who wants to hold you […]

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What If Your Teenager Was Involved in an Car Accident?

In the State of Florida alone, literally thousands of car accidents occur on an annual basis. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 32,000 people lost their lives last year as a result, not to mention over 300,000 injuries that required hospitalization. Even though these stats signify a one percent decrease from the […]

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Did Defective Tires Cause the Accident?

When a car accident occurs, the fault usually lies with one or more of the drivers involved. However, sometimes an accident can be caused by a defect in your vehicle. It could involve the design of the car itself, or a faulty part. If defective tires caused the accident that caused your injuries, you may […]

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How Do I Rent a Car After an Accident?

You have had an accident and your car is in the repair shop. No one was hurt and the car can be fixed, but now what? You are without transportation for at least a week, and you still have to get to work and get the kids to school. The answer? This seems to be […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Needing an Car Accident Lawyer

How to Avoid Car Accidents While Driving Many of the cases that a car accident lawyer deals with involve accidents while driving – and many of these could have easily been avoided. We’re all fully aware of the road rules; no speeding, no using mobile phones, no drinking, and for the most part, we abide […]

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After the Car Accident: Next Steps

Nobody who drives a car in Florida expects to be in an accident. Everyone knows it’s possible. Car insurance can provide people with a sense of security. Accidents are not something anybody thinks about regularly until it happens. In a second, their life is turned upside down. The unexpected has suddenly become reality. A person’s […]

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